Long distance relationship: does that even work?

Came accross this article. And i liked it very much. I will like you people to read it too. It might be helpfull. Thanks Lysedine for this nice article.


Let’s go straight to the point, some people just don’t like dating someone who is not leaving in the same country, city, neighborhood or even house as them. For those people, long distance relationship just doesn’t work, it is a no go, a waist of time, energy and so on.

I used to think the same at some point, but having tried both, long distance and « no distance » Relationship :), i have to admit that : the geographic DISTANCE doesn’t matter that much, or at least it is not a sufficient reason no to take an opportunity to build an amazing Relationship ;). In fact, you can live in the same house with your partner but still be sooo distant, or he/she can be miles away and you just feel like you are so closeeee.

When i think about our parents, grand parents back in those days, when people only have letters…

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